Hell’s Carnival




About The Piece

  • Hell’s Carnival (2011): What if there were a flute quartet meant to be atypical of stereotypical music written for the flute? This quartet has a taste of the atonal that accompanies the soundtrack of nightmares, but with careful attention to keeping a familiar structure and tonality that the musician should be able to identify with. Movement 1, Clowns, is a testament to how I feel about the people who will eat me in my sleep and has a carnival like atmosphere, if this carnival happened  to be after dark. The Bearded Lady (Mvt. 2) is the name of the Rollercoaster in this nightmarish carnival. The very form of notation when laid out is in the shape of a backward rollercoaster track. Movement 3), For My Ammusement is a rhythmic/ cannonic representation of the twisted dreams I have that involve these horrible things.