Insect Troubles

Mvt 1- Pianist Meet Bumble

Mvt 2- Ballad for a Decomposing Butterfly

Mvt 3- Bloodsucker Battle

About the Piece:

Insect Troubles: is written especially for the Pianist who longs to  awaken their inner comedic actor. Movement 1, Pianist, Meet Bumble, asks the performer to pretend that a bee lands on their arm and stings them during a simple waltz and quotes flight of the bumble bee among other bee inspired tunes.

Movement 2, Ballade for a Decomposing Butterfly, begins with a Debussy-esque motive with some Sati thrown in and slowly “decomposes” towards the end into a Dies ire. The performer is asked to “Mourn the Butterfly ” and does not end until the performer stops sobbing.

Movement 3, Bloodsucker Battle, portrays an epic mosquito battle between the camper and bloodsucker respectively and is not for he faint of heart. The performer will need a flyswatter ,very quick chromatic playing ,and possibly a clown hammer to exterminate them all.

*As a suggestion, it may be possible to split the movements between 3 separate pianists for a comedic recital presentation as each piece builds in difficulty and has their own character.*


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