My primary goal with all of my students is to EMPOWER them to be musically creative and be able to learn to PLAY music ON THEIR OWN,  for their own enjoyment, years beyond studying with me. Secondly, I work with them to learn how to LOVE MUSIC while working towards mastery of their chosen instrument. 

I Teach Beginning to Intermediate Piano, Trombone, Beginning Ukulele, and Theory/Composition.

Who: Children ages 6 and up and Adults.

Where:  I Teach Music Lessons to children and adults Online via ZOOM and Face Time, and IN PERSON at Maestoso Music. in St. Lewis Park MN.

Teaching online allows me to teach anyone anywhere in the world, so if you don’t live in MN, I can still teach you!

When: Monday-Friday Afternoons and evenings, Central Standard Time zone.

What your Dollar Pays for:

  • Guaranteed Instruction time upon lesson slot signup.
  • Time to prepare lesson materials during the week ( planning, research, practice, book keeping, etc.)
  • Reward Stickers sent out quarterly to distance learning students or weekly for in person instruction.
  • Instructor set up recital and performance opportunities, including performing for the surrounding community at times.
  • A Passionate, Fun  instructor with YEARS of experience under her belt who will go the extra mile to tailor the lesson to each students needs and cares deeply about each one!
  • Also, it allows me to provide food and shelter for my S.O. and Cat, without having to devote too much time to non music related jobs to pay bills. This equals more time in the week to focus on YOU- the student! 🙂

If you are interested in Lessons, please don’t hesitate to Contact me for a FREE 15 minute meet and greet. You can request to see my Musical Resume and Lesson policy sheet at any time.