Reign of Thunder


About the Piece:

Reign of Thunder (2009):Reign of thunder is a play on words and music. It was written for a piano and flute duo representing the thunder and lightning one would experience during a storm.  The ferocity of the flute and insistent rumbling of the piano are meant to be evocative of the suspenseful feeling felt during lightning storms by the composer.

“Thunderstorms are a powerful force that can be simultaneously beautiful and destructive.

When I wrote this piece, I was listening to a thunderstorm outside of my childhood living room. I imagined it as the piece that would be playing alongside the backdrop of pouring rain and low rolling thunder.

Although this piece is a flute solo, I like to think of it as more of a duet between the flute and piano. The flute represents the lightning while the piano represents thunder.

This piece was premiered in October of 2010 by Shanyse Strickland (Flute) and
Cory Davis (Piano) at the Youngstown State University (OH) Dana School of Music.”


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