A Legend of TirNaNog-a suite of songs for 3 Trombones




About the Piece:

TirNaNog is the land of Faeires and elves as told  in Celtic lore. This piece tells of one legend involving this land. Oisin is a man from our world who meets Niamah of the land of TirNaNog (Oisin and Niamah). She whisks him away to her land where he begins to have a life in the enchanted land of the Faeries (Dance of the Faerie Folk). After awhile, he becomes homesick (Oisin Longs for Home) and asks to go back. He is given permission to visit from Niamah but is also warned not to touch the ground. When he returns, he finds that 300 years have passed and when he fails to heed his wife’s warning, he promptly ages 300 years and turns to dust (A Final Word).

 Mvt1 Oisin and Niamah
Mvt2 Dance of the Faerie Folk
Mvt3 Oisin Longs for Home
Mvt4 A Final Word