NON CONCERT MUSIC and Multimedia works

  • Build Yourself A Birthday Party– a short film directed by Jason Schumacher (2019)
  • Blob’s Adventure– a short animated film by Beth Peloff (2017)
  • JUMP– a short animated film by Beth Peloff (2017)
  • The Audio Armory Podcast– Main theme (2017)
  • The Rivenvale Bransle– A melody for the SCA Shire of Rivenvale, Warren, OH (2015). Historically Inspired Dance Collaboration and creation with Scott Pfitzinger (SCA Name:Lord Hakon Hrafnsson)
  • The Inner Turmoil of Hazelett Wolf-Video Game Soundtrack (2015)
  • Worlds Quest Theme-game music written for a browser based game of the same title released December 20th, 2013
  • Walking Deadcopyright J and S.Hogan 2008- A rock song co written by my brother Josh Hogan and I, featured in the 2012 Idle Entertainment movie   B.O.Y.D.