Scribbles and Doodles-free stuff!!

A collection of  one page solos for various instruments that will continue to be added to over time. Many of these will be offered for free via PDF with the request that if any solo is performed in a concert, I receive a copy of the program and receive credit for the composition(s) in question.  Don’t hesitate to Contact Me if interested in information for any of the pieces.


Bass Trombone-Scrambled Eggs –PDF

Euphonium-Peanuts and Beer –PDF

Trumpet-Bleeding Ice Cream-PDF

Tuba-Lifting a Sneezeburger-PDF


Clarinet-Butterscotch Ripple-PDF

English Horn-Swimming in Syrup –PDF

Flute-Eating Ramen in Bed-PDF

Oboe-Macaroni and Cheese-PDF

Alto Saxophone-Malfunctioning Coin Operated Machine-PDF

Tenor Saxophone-Bubble Tea-PDF

Sopranino Saxophone-Huevos Sopranino-PDF


Viola-Turkish Delight-PDF


Keyboard Instrument- Bittersweet Memory PDF

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