Just Making Lunch- Visual Spacial Notation Piece for Flex Chamber Ensemble

Instrument List: 2 Instruments in C, Trombone, Piano, and Kitchen percussionist ( Think spoons, forks, bowls, cutting boards, etc.)

Just Making Lunch is a piece written in Visual-spatial notation and is atypical of most of my current as of 2023 pieces. It’s also a visual/Fluxus-style piece that has elements of absurdity and opportunities for unique musical interpretation.


  • The Bracket at the top of the page tells the group approximately how long to time that section. You may go a bit later or shorter. This was a guestimation when I wrote it.
  • Set a Kitchen timer. I would advise using a manual one instead of a digital one, as it can be easily adjusted by another player if it seems like the group is running ahead or behind on time. It also makes it easier to end the piece with the timer going off right when the ensemble finishes.
  • Please follow the silly instructions in the piece. They are open to interpretation of reason for a reason.
  • Swirls, falls, etc., are approximations of sounds that you must make with your instrument. X’s are approximations of pitch.
  • Print one score per player. You all need to be able to see what the others are doing to coordinate this organized chaos!

Here is a video from my Sr. Recital in 2014 that can give you an idea of how to perform it.

I am offering it for Free in hopes that some ensemble ( or group of musician friends), somewhere, wants to give it a try and have some fun! If you perform it, please let me know and send a video. It would make my day- no, Year- if someone tries this out and enjoys the absurdity enough to share it with others and bring them joy too.

If you feel inclined though, you may donate here. Proceeds go to fuel my coffee addiction and musical exploits and are much appreciated!

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