How To Buy Music and other FAQ’s

1) How Can I buy your music?

Each piece of original instrumental music has its own page where you can view the score, difficulty, timing, and other details, as well as a link to the store page where you can purchase it towards the bottom ( if it is ready for sale.) You have to click on it though! I can take multiple forms of payment including credit cards and PayPal.

You can also click on the store tab on this website where you will be able to see what is currently available for purchase. I’m always adding new scores to the store at about a rate of 1- 2 per month. Please keep checking back!

  • I also have a bandcamp if you want to buy an album and support me there.

2) How Do I comission you or collaborate?

Please contact me through this link and let me know if you want to commission or work with me.

3) How does comissioning generally work?

Step 1- You contact me and we start a discussion.

Step 2- After we talk about details such as instrumentation, length, level, etc, we discuss rates. Please have a budget in mind if possible. Also important to note is an expected deadline. Even if you don’t have one, a vague idea is extremely helpful. I tend to do better when we have some dates in mind to get a project finished.

After we talk, we draw up a contract that we both sign. I then set to work on the piece. We check in a couple times during the process. Drafts are normally provided during this process for feedback.

The cost generally depends on the scopes of the piece ( instrumentation, how long, etc.). Here is a link to a guide to comissioning from the American Composers Forum that answers many of these questions.

3) What if I can’t afford to commission? you?/ Why don’t you work for free (normally).

Please contact me anyway. We may be able to come to an agreement that will benefit both parties. I.E. you provide me a recording or help me with marketing and/or we work together to create a consortium that gets me paid for my labor and lowers the price drastically for you. Also, other musicians benefit as well from these sorts of projects.

Note, I do not normally work for free, especially on larger projects as this is a part of my livelihood that helps pay the bills and keep my cat fed. If I don’t make enough through making music, I can’t spend as much time creating music to benefit you and other fellow musicians because I’ll have to go back to factory work and/ or retail and fast food. Maybe all three in this economy.

Additionally, all creatives need to make a living, and by working for free, I would be helping set a precedent for other people to view composers and other creatives as not worth paying, as people to take advantage of, and set an expectation that we all should work for free. Dangit, we creatives need to eat too!!!!

4)Why should I comission you?

Besides the benefit of receiving a brand new piece of music specifically tailored toward your ensemble or media project?

Unlike many composers, I’ve learned that collaboration on some level is necessary for my compositional style. I can’t physically sit down and complete a piece of concert music unless I have someone in mind during the process that I’m writing directly for. It’s virtually impossible for me to write concert music-just for me. I’ve tried!

You will get a piece that is tailored for you and if necessary, I can change my approach or style. If it’s too comedic, I can change to a more serious tone or vice versa. That is why I send drafts. You won’t offend me with constructive criticism! When possible, I like to work directly with the musicians that I am writing for and will arrange to meet them over Zoom or in person as part of the process.

On top of that, one of my unique qualities is that I purposefully work in performance and teaching to be able to relate to REAL musicians of all levels, and be able to effectively write for them. I’m NOT an Ivory Tower composer by any means!

5) Your music is too expensive!

Please see number 3 for some clarity.

That being said, I try to price my pieces at market value based on research and ask fellow musicians their opinions of a fair/ affordable price before posting. A LOT of time, research, and practice went into those pieces. Also, if you purchase the digital download, you have those pieces in your digital library forever and can print multiple parts for your current and future ensembles, or if you have a tendency to lose your music. ( Just please don’t give these files away. That would be illegal and down right unethical).

That being said, If you or your school ensemble are truly struggling financially, please contact me. I may be able to offer a discount on one or a few pieces to help you get some new music.

I also do offer some one-page solos FOR FREE, and listening to any of my pieces on this website is of no cost to you.