Extra Curriculars


In addition to Composing and drinking lots of Coffee, I play the Trombone in The Westwind Swing Band, Golden Valley Orchestra,  and Coffoa Brass (our Classical, garage band consisting of “heavy metal” instruments)as well as Freelance on the trombone around the Twin Cities, MN.

Weekly, I work on my Public Speaking and Presentation skills by attending meetings and speaking about music in my  Toastmaster’s Club, Words of Mouth. Currently, I serve as their President and delight in helping others improve their own skills.

My Cat Patrick (born on St. Patrick’s Day) is the subject of many photographs that tend to be sprinkled around the site and my Social media pages.  He keeps me company when I’m writing and makes sure that I am properly distracted.


Other instruments I play at least well enough to pass a methods class or better. (mostly for fun these days) are Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder, and Flute. I also Sing Sopralto and jam on occasion. Sharing the experience of music with others is the deepest Joy I know!

I also like to read (books on things I don’t know anything about yet and lots of fantasy of course!) and occasionally Paint with watercolors because Art is fun. Usually I give the pictures away because it is also fun.  Here are some of my amateur “masterpieces” below.  Enjoy!