Extra Curriculars


In addition to Composing and drinking lots of Coffee, I play the Trombone in The Twin Citeis Brass Band, Swing Sisterhood Big Band, and the Triforce Trombone Trio, as well as Freelance on the trombone around the Twin Cities, MN.

Some of my other current hobbies include researching and writing music for my bardic persona in the S.C.A.,  Power Lifting for fitness (mostly for my mental health- but lifting heavy things makes me feel awesome too), and studying the electric guitar with one of my colleagues,- a venture that began in 2022 because I wanted to experience being a beginner again for my music students. It has grown into a bit of a nighttime obsession and has led me to return to something that I had abandoned after high school which is writing songs. (Don’t worry, I only plug in a few times a week, at a low volume, during the day, so as not to disturb neighbors.) You may or may not get to hear them here. Only time will tell. That or follow me on the TikTok @Shogan_Composer. I’m more likely to share them there when I’m ready.

My Cat Patrick (born on St. Patrick’s Day) is the subject of many photographs that tend to be sprinkled around the site and my Social media pages.  He keeps me company when I’m writing and makes sure that I am properly distracted.


Other instruments I play at least well enough to pass a methods class or better. (mostly for fun these days) are Piano, Ukulele, Recorder, and Flute. I also Sing Sopralto and jam on occasion. Sharing the experience of music with others is the deepest Joy I know!

I also like to read (books on things I don’t know anything about yet and lots of fantasy of course!) and occasionally Paint with watercolors because Art is fun. Usually I give the pictures away because it is also fun.  Here are some of my amateur “masterpieces” below.  Enjoy!