Allemande de Eleri


About the Piece:

For: Brass Sextet or Brass Choir * See Description for alternate part list

Difficulty: Medium. Appropriate for a High school level or above Sextet or choir.

Time: 1 Minute

Allemande de Eleri is a short, medieval inspired dance tune. It was originally written for the 2022 Brass Chix gathering in St. Paul Minnesota, as a fun tune that would be easily played together by brass players of differing ability levels. You can play it with a group of standard brass sextet instrumentation or swap out parts. Additionally, if you play it with more players, it is ok to have parts doubled. For example, a trumpet and horn could play part 3 together. Parts 1, 2, and 3 are available for trumpet and all 6 parts are available for horn. Note: Part 6 in the horn part is played an octave higher than the written tuba transposition in the score, but will still work.

ALL PARTS LISTED COME WITH THE SCORE: Part 1: Trumpet Horn Part 2: Trumpet Horn Part 3 Trumpet Horn Part 4 Trombone/Euphonium Horn Part 5 Trombone/Euphonium Horn Part 6 Tuba Horn For more music please visit


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