Chorale on a Palästinalied


About the Piece:

I was first introduced to this melody during my first Early Music class at Youngstown State University.

The tune was written by Walther von der Vogelweide in the early 13th century and was propaganda for the Crusades.

We are now left with the relic of this Melody that has been remixed thousands of times since its inception. I was inspired to make my own “Heavy Metal” version after Dr. Randy Goldberg, the instructor of this class, showed us a more traditional Heavy Metal Version, with electric guitar, drums, and bass. I like to think that the Brass band adds a unique color to this particular arrangement and makes this remix original compared to the the others.

I kept the harmonies dark and sometimes dissonant to represent this bleak time in history.
Later in the arrangement, there is a ray of hope represented by major chords, soetimes blurred by the dark reality that these people were living in. Surely there were some who recognized the developing hostility against those who wer now considered “other” or were just hoping for better days ahead as most humans do throughout history.


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