Draw Your Weapon- for Trombone Choir and Timpani

About the Piece:

Draw Your Weapon is a theme inspired by the game Dungeons and Dragons. The very title is a pun, as you can literally draw your weapon, in the violent sense or with a pencil and paper in this game, as a lot of players like to illustrate their characters. In the piece, I tried to capture the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons, bringing us through a journey (aka a campaign in the game world) which includes gearing up for battle, the fun aspect of the game, and the anticipation of the Dungeon Master’s calls as your party crawls through the cave, nervously rolling game dice (and praying that you roll enough initiative in the form of a high enough number) so you don’t die and have to go back to rolling a new character, which takes FOR-EV-ER!
*Note- The Timpani part can be substituted by any type of low sounding drum or a Snare


Digital Download- $ 27.99