For 8 Part Trombone Choir and Drumset
(Note: A Bodhran May be substituted)
Time: 2 Minutes

This piece works well as a Fun Opening or a brief palette cleanser in a concert.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Program Notes:

Dúlamán is a traditional Irish Folk Tune that is, in a word, about seaweed. It has been performed by many groups including Altan, Clannad, and Celtic Woman. In most versions, the lyrics are about the Irish practice of gathering seaweed for sale, as it is a valuable resource used for fertilizer for crops, bath products, and as a nutritious source of food. The dialogue in one version is between a girl who falls in love with a seaweed salesman from another part of Ireland or the world, and her father who forbids her from marrying this man who carries an inferior product.; an allegory for “our seaweed is better than yours!’.


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