Trombone Fanfare


About the Piece:

Trombone Fanfare(2011): This fanfare was written for the 2011 Dana School of Music Trombone Studio and premiered at the December 2011 Carols and Cocoa concert.

When I was writing this piece, I was experimenting a lot with 2 against 3 rhythms and wanted to try something with a deliberate ostinato and “modern” harmonies. My idea was to create an intro where one trombone voice would begin in the distance to quiet the room, and the rest of the choir would join, much like how one wolf may howl in the night, all others stop their commotion to listen, and then the rest of the wolves then begin responding.
A choir of Trombones, much like a pack of wolves, creates quite the marvelous cacophony when making music together. It’s hard not to stop and listen for a bit!

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