New Old Music!

After yesterdays marathon dress  rehearsal, I am stoked for tonight’s performance of the CPE Bach passion. The Dana Chorale has been working on this piece since January and we finally get to perform  all 180-plus minutes of it tonight with the whole orchestra, soloists, and choirs. This Particular piece is unique in that it hasn’t been performed in over 200 years and it was thought lost after WWII. You can read all about it here.

The biggest challenge of this music for me has been learning  how to use proper German diction. For the six note solo I was assigned (the Erster Knechter  (first servant) who exclaims to Peter “You are one of THEM!”)  several sessions of of coaching form my German speaking friend were had until my pronunciation was to her satisfaction. I can only imagine the work that was put in by the other soloists that have extensive solos. In short, for a non native speaker such as myself, German is HARD  to master.Hopefully these “Nacht-mares” of mispronouncing the German so badly that it sounds like cussing or nonsense to German speaking peoples will not come true.

After yesterday though, I can assure you that the piece will sound lovely and it is a huge honor to have this opportunity to participate in a piece of Music History. The concert starts at 8 pm in Trinity United Methodist Church,30 W. Front St., Youngstown Ohio.

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