What’s New, Early 2017 Edition


Hello Everybody,

A lot has changed in the eternity since posting here, but I will  try keep it short. For those that are wondering, here is what is “new” in my life.

-Recently, I left one of my day jobs, working in the factory. It took a lot to leave, as the company has overall been good to me and the paycheck was helping me get ahead on my student loans. However, the longer I worked there and between the other jobs, the less time I had to be myself and do the one thing that makes me feel whole: music.At one point I was putting in 70 hours between the places and was becoming severely depressed and moody, which is not at all like me. After much forethought and planning, I finally took the leap of faith last week.We shall see how this pans out, but for now I will be splitting my “work to pay bills” hours between working at Schmitt Music (where I’ve already learned a lot in s short while!) and the Office, and have a new daily routine to Get Stuff Done with my composing and work toward the goals I set for myself long ago.

_ I am on Twitter (more regularly) Now. Please follow me @Shogan_Composer. Yes, I will still update the Facebook page as well, but you will get some commentary or content that you might not get to see or laugh at on my “professional” page. Plus, the challenge of coming up with clever lines in 140 Characters or less is quite a bit of fun.

_ A New Newsletter! This will not only include news on upcoming pieces or other composer related business, but will also have some info geared towards helping you. These could be book recommendations, new music by other composers, Info on helpful Podcasts/ resources, and other things. Also, I promise not to spam you with constant email bombs and plan on posting every 3-4 months or so. By the end of the month, I will have a link up to sign up. For now, please contact me with interest,or keep checking  the site or my  Facebook page for an update.

_Brass Sight Reading/ Arranging Group: A fellow Trombonist and I have started a Brass Get together group where members arrange and/or compose music for each other ever 2-3 weeks.We are hoping for it to evolve into something bigger over time, but our goal will always be to create a supportive environment for brass players and composers to try out their stuff (and keep up their sight reading chops).

If you are in the Twin Cities Area and are interested in more information, you are welcome to contact me with questions on the contact page.

-Recent success:

My Lonely waltz was chosen by the Third Wheel Trio for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame call. It will be premiered on March 25th in Glenndale CA.

-Pieces in the Works!

  • I am working together with composer Zae Munn to write a piece for her student chamber group, with flexible instrumentation, which will be premiered this Spring.
  • Winter Ice is in the process of being orchestrated and added to for Vibraphone (2 players) and Alto Flute.
  • A bass and violin duo is also in the works. Stay tuned for more in the near future.


Additionally, Website tweaks are finally being made. Keep checking back for updates and thank you once again for visiting the site!

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