Update on 2018 Goals

Good Morning loyal Music Fans,

We are quickly approaching the last half of January (and my birthday..gasp!), so I figured I would  use this as a checkpoint for how my goals are going so far,

After a long creative dry spell (carried on by winter sickness and a preoccupation with issues involving a broken heating system in our apartment for the last few weeks) it seems that I am back in a lively mood. It feels GREAT to be in this place again!

This week, I taught my first official paid music lessons ever. Though I was a bit nervous, it went extremely well and the kids are super excited to come back next week! Their mom even posted an endearing post on facebook about it. (Thank you Bo and the awesome Teaching Blogs on the interwebz for helping me prepare for this.)

I have also been creating more again. Yesterday morning (1/19) I finally wrote the middle movement to a solo viola and one-handed piano “passion project” that had the first movement written in 2013 and the last movement sometime last year. I have to enter it into Finale and make it look pretty before sending it off for feedback, but in essence, it is done! I also finished the latest Draft of The Chorale on a Palestinelied for the Ashtabula Brass band that is pending rehearsal review. My only regret is that getting it done was delayed a bit by my lack of focus due to sickness and sleep deprivation from worrying too much. Also, I wrote yet another short film score. More on that will be coming soon.

So far, I’ve been keeping up with the Friday morning Email goal as well. Here’s hoping that I can keep up this resolution.

Next month, I will continue to work on the goals laid out on this post, and start the ones that have been delayed, including doing more to get out into my musical community. Speaking of which, Brass Chix is coming up next week so…..


Maybe there will be a post on that next week. Time will tell. Until then, have a great week and keep on Musicing!






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