Update Number 4 of 2018, and progress on my new year’s goals


Hello, Loyal Shogancomposer and Music friends,

2018 has been a whirlwind year, and it’s still not quite over!

Recently, at least in music, a few cool things have happened with my life.

First of all, even though I was not quite sure if I could or would be coming back (because, as you know life happens), I’ve joined the Golden Valley Orchestra as their Principal trombone this season. That’s right folks: A GIRL is playing Principal Trombone!- I can hardly believe it myself some days.

Anyway, I’m working on practicing the music as much as I can. Hector has certainly missed me (Though Glenn gets quite a workout in Swing band).*

Don’t worry though. I’m still in the Westwind Swing Band and keep  Musicing with these Cool Cats.

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*For those of you who are new, Hector is my Large bore Tenor and Glenn is my 1930’s Jazz bone.

I’ll also be subbing for a gig soon in the Swing Sisterhood Big band from the sounds of it-he he, music pun-, so stay tuned for gig details.

Plus, I’m going to work further on the Preparedness goal by posting concert invites and dates on my social media profiles as far ahead as possible, so that YOU might stand a chance at making them if you so desire.

Please follow me on Twitter or my facebook page (or both!) for concert date updates. 


Lesson wise,  I had my first Long-term Trombone student this summer and the lessons went extremely well. My student was looking to transfer instruments for their next year in Middle School band and they were able to do so with flying colors by the end. They even developed a good sound through their hard work and helped me realize that I’d like to teach more often- Hopefully, even more on trombone. My piano students are doing well too. I love teaching them as well! I’ve also learned a lot about teaching through this endeavor that I hope to share on a future post. That is if I remember. Life has a tendency to distract me.

Admittedly, I’ve had a few setbacks with getting this studio up and running, mostly due to not having an adequate space to teach at the moment, and moving this summer. Right now, it’s mostly in my small but shared living space, and I am working on getting into a store or church on the weekends and/ or an evening or two to continue this and give my students an even better learning environment.  For now, I make due with what I’ve got, and my students don’t seem to mind.


Now For Composition News! If you haven’t been spammed by following my social media profiles with this news, The Band Version of Of Wizards and Dragons was premiered by the Fredonia Concert Band (Raymond Stewart, Conductor) this past September, and it was Live Streamed. It was a great concert that I got to watch from the comfort of my own phone (Because Modern Technology is awesome sometimes) and they played my piece well.


You can listen to the recording and view a sample score on THIS PAGE.


Also, a piece that I worked on a few years ago will be heard in the Twin Cities Film Fest. Beth Peloff submitted our film, Blob’s Adventure,  to the festival and it was accepted. Congratulations Beth!  It will be screened THIS SATURDAY, October 20th, at 9:45 am and officially 11:30 am. Beth and (possibly but most probably I) will be in attendance to answer questions.

The location is:

1621 West End Blvd St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Please visit twincitiesfilmfest.org for more information


Freewill Fanfare was also recently played at a trombone choir concert and I got to conduct it, once again. This time, It sounded even better- even though the group hadn’t rehearsed together since March, and there were some new faces. If you are looking for a trombone choir piece for any reason, I may have one for you folks!


Lastly: in case I haven’t already given enough of a plug, Please check Samantha Hogan Composer on Facebook and/or Twitter periodically. I’ve got some things planned content-wise, in addition to posting performance dates, that will be arriving in the upcoming months.  I am also looking for ideas for what you would like more of from me (blog post Ideas, piano covers, recordings, etc )as time goes on. If you have any Ideas, please post in the comments or Contact me through this website or message me through my pages.


Stay tuned, because Update Part 5 will inevitably be written at the end of December, and I can’t wait to start a new list for next year!


Happy Musicing!

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