What’s New Here?

Hello Music Friends and Fans,

A couple of weeks ago I posted about giving my website a facelift.

After A LOT of work and COFFEE – here is the result. It looks way cooler, is a bit more organized, and several of my pages have been updated.

If there is something that you want, and the page is not complete, please email me. I will likely move it to the top of my priority list and can probably give you an in process perusal score to look at in the meantime, along with an estimate of price and completion timeline.

Full disclosure: I am still working on the editing project I began in the summer. At the rate of 1 piece every 1-2 weeks, this will likely not be complete until May of 2021. But, All pieces that will be added/ edited in their entirety have a page and as much information as I can provide.

These pieces are effectively finished from a music standpoint but need a bit more TLC before they are pretty enough to be presentable. Past me was very inexperienced with engraving and present me is learning so much and has much higher quality standards these days. 🙂

SECONDLY – I recently Joined BandCamp and am adding lots of things for you to listen to with the option to purchase tracks if you wish to support me in a relatively inexpensive manner. I will be adding some of the Midi Realizations of concert music to laugh at and/ or enjoy along with things I’ve written that don’t quite fit the concert music genre but are otherwise lovely to listen to. Please Become a Fan to get notified when I release something new.

My BandCamp URL is: https://samanthahogan-composer.bandcamp.com/

Here is my favorite Album from the two that I have uploaded so far. You can also find them on the Miscellaneous Films, Games, and Albums Page.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to updating you with more…uh… updates!

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