Lost in My Own World ( Low Brass Quartet) Score and Parts-Digital Download



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About the Piece

Difficulty: Medium-Hard*

  • An ossia is offered in the First part. To play the originally intended melody, you must be able to hit a high C comfortably. If not, you may take the lower staves, making your difficulty medium.
  • All other parts are of medium difficulty

Duration: 2 Minutes, 50 Seconds

Lost In My Own World is a result of my improvising simple melodies and broken chords on the piano without thinking too hard about the theory behind what sounds I was making. It’s a bit like Daydreaming, allowing a stream of consciousness to flow in your mind without interruption to escape reality. Eventually, the piece comes down to reality, resolving on an F Major Chord, which is not in the daydream world of Ab.

This piece can be played by multiple combinations of Low Brass (4 Trombones, 2 Euphoniums and 2 Tubas, etc.).



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