Painless Parker’s Giant Bucket of Teeth – Concert Band Score and Parts- Digital Download



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Painless Parker is A Comedic Circus March for Concert Band, inspired by the story of  P.T. Barnum’s Sideshow “dentist” Painless Parker.

It is an intermediate level of difficulty,  allows some creativity for the percussion section to create their own “bucket of teeth” and offers many  Dental and Circus-inspired hijinks throughout that will have both your band and the audience laughing.




Score and Parts Print out on Standard 8.5 x 11 paper

Download will have a Zip folder with all files included.

There are 2 Horn parts, Horn 1&2 and Horn 3&4. If you only have 2 horns, please have 1 horn play the Horn 1&2 part and the Second play the Horn  3&4 part. Most of their lines are doubled by saxes.

Oboe and Bassoon are optional, as many bands do not have these, but are included in the orchestration so that musicians who do play them can join the fun! ( I imagined it with both timbres so it works either way).

Includes A Treble  AND Bass Clef part for your Euphonium player. They are the same part, just transposed to fit the Musician’s clef reading preference.

Purchase includes Score and Parts.

You have 3 days from the time of Purchase to Download the pdf.

Sometimes downloads are sent to the Spam folder, so it is best to check there first if your email does not appear within a few minutes. Please email me if you have any furthur difficulty accessing your file.

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