The Recording of Eclectic Images is Finally Here!!!!

Eclectic Images is a piece with varying musical styles, moods and melodic ideas. Movement one evokes the image of a hurricane and the eye that inevitably comes along with it. You will hear the music evolve from a dark dissonant mood to a jazz inspired rhythmic ostinato played by the bass. Sunshine will pass through the eye in a jovial dance rhythm played by the orchestra before a dark mood returns. Movement two is based on an incomplete melody that recycles itself in several ways, meant to represent relatives at a large gathering. You will hear the ambiance of the occasion, members of the family like the interrupting uncle and playing cousins, and feelings of memories discussed. River Route begins with a calm stream represented by the solo violin and later cello and traces the various depths and speeds that a river route can take. How will this trip end? Movement Four, as the title suggests, is meant to evoke an experience of extreme happiness. The movement takes elements of the first three movements and combines them with a Celtic inspired melody that pits the rhythms of 6/8 and 3/4 against each other.



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