New Music Concerts this week (and a piece of mine that will be played)!

A picture of Cloud Pictures.

Hello everybody,

I wish to inform you of the upcoming New Music Society concerts this coming week, featuring guest artist Avguste Antonov. You can find the whole press release here. As an added bonus, I am privileged to say that Avguste, an amazingly technical and accomplished pianist (and who has become a friend over the years) will be performing one of my pieces, Cumulis Humilis (Cloud Pictures) on  these concerts, among other talented local composer’s works.

Here is the schedule:

10/23 Wednesday at 12:15pm, Butler institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio

10/23 Wednesday at 8:00pm, Bliss Recital Hall, Youngstown, Ohio

10/24  Thursday at 5:30pm, Holy Apostles Church on Covington Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio

All of these concerts are FREE to the public and I would love to see you there.

Also, If you would like to hear my music in action, check out the  Performances and Premiers page for more information.

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