My First Attempt at Multitrack Recording

Recently, I saved enough Swagbucks points to afford a decent starter microphone because I want to learn how to record at at least a basic level to get better audio examples of my pieces.

This is my first experiment in multi track recording. I chose my Alma Mater’s Alma Mater because of the familiarity and special connection with the melody and lyrics.

During the Process, I have learned 1)That I am simultaneously an awful and decent sounding chorus with myself 2)Getting used to the sound in headphones versus outside sound (especially when performing with yourself) is weird, 3)Timing live audio tracks together so that they don’t sound mushy or catch too much outside noise when layering tracks is very difficult for a beginner, and 4)I can see why they say reverb can become the novice’s best friend (and how you can easily use too much)

I have a lot more to learn but I am pretty proud of this first attempt.

The Melody is By Johannes Brahms and it is arranged for vocals by Shannah Kelly (2009).

Thank you for listening and this should be the start of more music to be shared!

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