Shameless Advertising Alert (but not 100% about me for once)

Hello all,

This is a short post to share something that is not about music  from some talented fellow humans.

I was recently asked to provide a theme song for them and I think what they are doing is kind of cool, so I am sharing this in hopes that they can get some more listeners and be able to keep doing this.

Without further adieu, here is  a link to the first episode  the Audio Armory Podcast.

If you are into  , , and   with the occasional reference to #fantasyblades (did I use enough Hashtags?) Then listen to the Audio Armory Podcast and please leave them a rating and or review on Itunes or your favorite podcasting app. It helps people with this interest area be able to find them.

They can also be found/stalked on twitter at @audioarmorycast.

Thank you! You are safe now from the shameless advertising at the end of this post.

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