I’m Attending 25 LIVE performances before the end of the year!

people performing on stage

For the second half of the year, I am undertaking a bit of a challenge. I’ve resolved to attend 25 live performances before Midnight on December 31st, 2023.

Why am I doing this ?:

1) Seeing live music is good for me as a composer and performer and I don’t do this nearly enough.

2) I want to do a better job supporting my colleagues, as I’ve been a bit of a hermit for the most part for the better part of a decade.

3) It is my hope that by making this journey public, it will inspire other musicians to support their colleagues by doing the same ( let’s face it, we don’t do this enough for each other) Also, as a teacher, I am doing my best to teach my students add their families to support live music by attending concerts beyond what they atttend for school ensembles, and foster a more supportive community in the arts for the future of our field.

4) By comitting to this publicly, I’m hoping that I get more direct invites to events ( and not just facebook calendar invites as I tend to forget about those until it’s too late to decide to go) and occasional nudging to complete this challenge if I fall off.

Here are the Rules:

1) The concert can’t be my own gig. However, if the majority of performances were NOT by me and I stayed for the entire concert these can count.

2) Genre does not matter. Nor does the professional status of the musicians. I may report on a school band concert, and then a heavy metal concert in the next entry for example.

3) Each time I attend a concert, I will write a review on this blog. Most of these will be short and I may combine a few concerts onto one blog entry if I attend a bunch in a short stretch of time.

Happy Musicing and if you live in the Minneapolis Metro, please tell me about your gigs~ preferably at least a few days ahead of time please and thank you!