Of Wizards and Dragons




About The Piece

Of Wizards and Dragons (2012,2013):Of Wizards and Dragons is a programmatic work inspired by the first book of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. The piece is inspired by the events of Dealing with Dragons in which Princess Cimorene, an atypical princess bored of mundane royal life, elects to become a dragon’s princess by allowing herself to be captured. In this story, the Wizards are the “bad guys” that can only be melted with soapy water mixed with a little bit of lemon (represented by the clarinet run in the Battle section). Keeping with the mood of the story, the piece contains a balanced mixture of drama, humor, and a wee bit of romance.

The original clarinet solo was composed in 2012 for Chris Nutter, a close friend and talented clarinetist. The wind band version is a combination of a transcription and orchestration with a little bit of new composition to add a unique aspect and more dimension to this version of the piece.