Not a Flower Suite- For 2 Woodwind Trios and combined Sextet- Digital Download


NOT a Flower Suite – Perusal Score

Mvt1: Red is Not a Flower

Mvt.2 Blue is Not a Flower

But Violet IS a Flower!

Not a flower Suite is a 3-movement work that showcases the combined forces of 2 wind trios.

The first movement is “Red is Not a Flower” and includes a trio of Oboe, Alto Saxophone, and Bassoon. The group is having a bit of a disagreement about whether red is a flower, and the only thing holding it together is the rhythmic red ostinato by the Bassoon. Eventually, it starts raining and that is where we leave this group. (1’30”)

Blue is Not a Flower (mvt. 2) features a trio of Oboe, Bb Clarinet, and Bassoon and plays with blues scales and idioms as well as timbres and textures that I “see” in different hues of blue. (2’30”)

The Last Movement, But Violet IS a Flower! combines elements of Red and Blue and begins with a rainstorm. If you think about it, it’s an unintentional homage to Prince, as it begins with purple rain-HA! Remember, you can’t have flowers without rain, and I hope this piece grows on you!


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